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Pipes also known as FreeNet is a logic puzzle with simple rules and challenging solutions.

The goal is to rotate the tiles on the grid so all pipes are connected in a single group.
Closed loops are not allowed.

Click a tile with the mouse to rotate it (Ctrl + Click rotates in the opposite direction). Right click to fix its position.

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4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 2,221,274
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 1,661,710
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 3,189,477
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 3,117,939
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 1,906,902
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 2,106,189
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 6,256,691
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 7,080,435
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 3,171,625
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 356,320
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 5,359,339
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 5,918,715
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 9,442,725
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 4,535,871
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 8,635,423
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 1,557,016
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 9,820,868
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 1,743,987
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 8,860,026
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 9,956,021

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