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Pipes also known as FreeNet is a logic puzzle with simple rules and challenging solutions.

The goal is to rotate the tiles on the grid so all pipes are connected in a single group.
Closed loops are not allowed.

Click a tile with the mouse to rotate it (Ctrl + Click rotates in the opposite direction). Right click to fix its position.

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4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 192,751
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 2,794,117
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 304,289
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 2,935,215
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 2,161,100
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 5,788,870
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 439,423
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 1,576,031
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 6,257,292
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 7,626,378
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 3,758,638
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 1,941,385
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 848,199
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 2,750,824
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 2,593,538
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 6,987,014
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 2,292,739
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 6,756,159
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 1,827,348
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 8,869,944

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