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Pipes also known as FreeNet is a logic puzzle with simple rules and challenging solutions.

The goal is to rotate the tiles on the grid so all pipes are connected in a single group.
Closed loops are not allowed.

Click a tile with the mouse to rotate it (Ctrl + Click rotates in the opposite direction). Right click to fix its position.

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4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 9,155,502
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 9,067,726
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 4,037,567
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 5,487,070
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 5,240,398
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 1,929,135
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 1,758,355
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 8,274,053
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 247,056
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 3,226,479
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 147,835
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 6,471,938
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 7,596,982
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 8,730,618
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 783,912
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 7,276,224
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 660,251
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 5,985,749
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 2,167,362
4x4 Pipes Puzzle ID: 9,272,734

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